Small Business Accounting
We have the staff and expertise to handle all of your accounting needs. Outsourcing your bookkeeping function to a professional Certified Public Accounting firm is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. 
We offer payroll processing and consulting to optimize your organization's payroll function and maintain compliance with applicable taxes and standards.
Outsourced CFO Services
Small Businesses generally do not have the resources to hire a full-time CEO. Alfonso R. Saverino, CPA offers the expertise of a Chief Financial Officer at a price that fits your budget.
  Audits - Reviews - Compilations
Whether applying for a loan or attracting investors, our Certified Public Accounting firm can prepare and execute an Audit, Review, or Compilation to suit your organization's needs. 
Forensic Accounting
Recently a study by The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) revealed that the typical organization loses a median of 5% of revenues each year due to fraud. Hire us to uncover the fraud that might be eating away your bottom line.
  New Business Formation
Before you open your business online, engage us for a discussion about the right entity for your business and all the other necessary needs your new business venture might require.
Bank & Alternative Financing
At Saverino & Associates, we have a strong network of Traditional and Non-Traditional financing partners that we will help you acquire the capital your business needs throughout the application and negotiation process. 
Business Valuation
A business valuation takes deep industry expertise and strong analytical skills. Our firm can provide valuation for your industry or connect you with the right valuation partner to meet your needs. 
Strategic Business Planning
Sit down with us for some financial coaching to develop a strategic business plan that will take your organization to achieve your most important goals. We will help you design and execute the right strategy to meet your financial needs.
Succession Planning
Often overlooked, business succession is a crucial element to maintaining a family business across multuiple generations or maximizing the return when you are ready to sell your business.  

What Others Say

Thanks guys, keep up the good work! No matter where you go, Saverino & Associates is the best, most professional Accounting firm around! I'd be lost without them.

You guys rock! The service was excellent. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free!

I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Saverino & Associates. Thanks for the great service. It's exactly what I've been looking for.